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DesignerCote is the prestige flooring solution that delivers personal appeal. Create custom appeals combining a wide variety of colour effects, texture effects, patterns, finishes and themed graphic features. DesignerCote offers complete flexibility to bring the personality of your setting to life.

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Create the classic appeal of natural stone, marble, slate, ceramic tiles or even timber. Select a durable low sheen, satin or high gloss finish. Custom join and grout patterns create an individual touch. Match a colour scheme to your existing fittings. A DesignerCote specialist can help you to create an appeal that is perfect for your business.


DesignerCote provides the ideal solution for a range of applications – shops, showrooms, factories, offices, kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, rumpus rooms, garages, etc. DesignerCote is very popular for commercial applications where its theming capabilities deliver added value. It is highly durable and low maintenance, so it provides year after year of trouble free appeal.


DesignerCote doesn't just look good It's good for business too. Retail establishments such as salons, restaurants, cafes and boutique shops use DesignerCote to give their business fresh appeal and bring their business image to life. Business report back with stories of increased business and the attention that a DesignerCote makeover has gained their business.


DesignerCote is a 2-3mm polymer modified cement coating that incorporates a variety of effects through colour pigmentation and texturing. DesignerCote is a handcrafted finish. Specialists, experienced in the craft, apply the surface by hand; colour, tones, grout patterns and texture effects. This ensures the quality, appeal and individuality of your DesignerCote surface. This application process is quick, simple and doesn't create a mess Disruption to business trading at home life is minimal Basic applications may be completed within a single day.



DesignerCoat provides endless potential for creating customised colour effects using both Intatone Colour Stains and Covercrete Colour Tints. Intatone Colour Stains stains are washed over the surface of the finished base coat to create the unique DesignerCoat tonal effect. There are 37 colours in the standard Intatone Colour range. Further, in the application of the DesignerCoat base, Covercrete Colour Tints may be used to provide further colour and depth to the application. Tinting the base will alter the resulting colour of the Intatone finishing stains when applied. There are 36 colours in the Covercrete Tint range. Your DesignerCote Applicator can help you create colour effects to suit your requirements .

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